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Arbe Chemindo is the largest and only producer in Southeast Asia of water-solublef cellulose based product : POLY ANIONIC CELLULOSE (PAC) AND CARBOXY CELLULOSE (CMC) Our modern plant facility was commisioned in 1995 using licensed technology from Hoechst of Germany. This facility, situated on 1,27 hectares of land within Cikarang Industrial Estate, Employs 150 skilled workers. The plant manufactures a wide range of purified and industrial grades Arbecel PAC and CMC to meet the requirements of variety of different industries --- oil drilling, food, detergent, ceramic, textile, paper and others. Aside from a great list of customers locally, our PAC and CMC product are also exported throughout all the five continents and widely accepted by multinational companies around the world ( Malaysia, Ukraine, Vietnam, China, Etc )....

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