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ARBECEL carboxy methyl cellulose (CMC) and poly anionic cellulose (PAC) are water soluble colloids manufactured in Indonesia by Arbe Chemindo, under license from Hoechst of Germany.

CMC is a natural product, derived from cellulose wood pulp by a process of alkylationís followed by etherification with monochloroacetic acid. During the manufacturing process for CMC, a wide range of products can be produced by manipulating the intensity of etherification, and by controlling the degree of polymerization. These factors in combination with active CMC content, will enable the tailoring of product to meet specific ARBECEL performance requirements.

The most common uses of ARBECEL polymers are represented by :

Oil and gas industry drilling operations. ARBECEL gives superior flow properties to drilling mud, improves water retention and prevents excessive penetration of drilling liquids into the surrounding environment. ARBECEL is effective as a fluid loss reducer in freshwater, salt water and saturated salt water drilling situations and exhibits good temperature stability event at temperatures significantly higher than 100 degrees C.

Food, health care products and pharmaceuticals. ARBECEL will stabilize and prevent water separation in fruit juices and yogurts, and will enhance texture and bite ability in instant noodles. ARBECEL is used in the manufacture of creams, ointments, lotions and emulsions as a foam stabilizer, spreading aid and emulsifier, and adds body and texture to either clear gel or paste type toothpaste.

Paper production. ARBECEL controls the water-retention rates, flow properties and runnability of coating colours and when used as a wet-end additive in paper-making, improves the formation, smoothness and internal strength of paper. It reduces linting in offset printing and improves retention of wet-strength resins.

Textile printing and finishing. The colloidal nature of ARBECEL and its film-forming thickening action are beneficial in printing pastes. In fabric-finishing operations,  provides various degrees of fabric "handle" that result in a sense of fullness. Its film coating properties enhances the depth of printed colour shades. ARBECEL improves weavability and reduces breaks in warp yarns. It is an easy-to-clean sizing agent with no tendency to gel, and because of its span film formation properties, will result in fewer yarn breakages.

In Detergent manufacturing, small amounts of ARBECEL in washing powder or paste detergent serve as an effective anti-redepository agent preventing dirt particles from readhering to textiles during the washing process.

The Ceramic Industry where ARBECEL adhesive, film forming, binding and thickening properties add value to the ceramic manufacturing process. It is used as a film-former and temporary binder to control moisture, and improves plasticity and green strength in ceramic bodies.

The Mining industry uses ARBECEL in mineral flotation separation of rock and minerals. It adsorbs onto gangue particles, increasing ore yield and quality of concentrate.

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